What is the News Café?

The News Café is a virtual meeting place for a discussion of the news of the day. Besides gaining perspectives on the news, subscribers can share their own thoughts and questions — or bring up any other topic they’re interested in. We may select some of those subjects for more in-depth analysis as part of Liberty Indy Media.

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The News Café, based in Bristol NH, is published each weekday, with Tuesday through Friday posts available to free subscribers. Monday’s article is reserved for paid subscribers, fashioned upon my earlier Quest blog, offering a more personal take on the world around us.

The Tuesday through Friday posts generally summarize four topics in the news, derived from various sources. Topics may range from local events to state, national, and international news, as well as environmental issues, cybersecurity, cultural, historical, and archaeological stories, and scientific advances.

Because unlike most media outlets, we do not rely on advertising or grants, we are able to direct our focus to anything interesting, without worrying about offending an advertiser or conforming to grant requirements. That is why support for our efforts is so important. If you like what we’re doing, please give what you can to sustain the effort.

Paid subscribers will get full access to the newsletter and the archives, as well as having the ability to join a chat.

Whether you support us with a paid subscription or a free one, the newsletter goes directly to your email inbox so you’ll never miss an edition. For a free subscription, click on the Subscribe button and choose “None” as your subscription level.

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